March 25, 2017

More important than the camera you use!

Would you believe that this image was taken with a Canon Rebel and a kit lens? I wouldn't either, but since I'm the one that took it, I can assure you that indeed, it was a Canon Rebel, a T5i to be more precise and my 18-55mm kit lens.

But, wait, how on earth a camera with a 7 year old sensor (not literally, I mean the technology of the sensor) and a crappy kit lens can take a nice image such as this one?

This is just to prove that the camera and lens we use are less important than other things photographically speaking. Yes, a recent full frame camera and a nice pro lens would be amazing for this shoot, but I promise you, the results wouldn't be that much different, maybe a tiny bit, but not by a large margin.

That's because things like good lighting and knowing what you are doing are even more important. You may have the greatest camera, but without any good light you are on your own pal. I've had good enough cameras, with really nice sensors, and in crappy light I took the same lame images that a cell phone would take.

Know how to light your subject and you will create amazing images, not to say this image is amazing, but it's pretty decent, and my merit was to take it with a pretty average dslr. That showed me that I can do nice things with what I have.

Learn to use your camera, learn about lighting and take your skills to the next level. That's more important than the camera you use.

March 18, 2017

Shooting events, not your usual approach!

A few months ago I was hired to shoot a Baby Shower. It was my first event and being used to shoot only in the studio, I was a little concerned about what approach to take on this shoot. Should I use my speedlight, should I go with natural light, etc. 

At the end I decided to go with my speedlight and bounced it at the ceiling, and it turned out pretty decent, pictures had certain pop that without flash wouldn't exist and although they are not studio material (obviously), the results where pretty good for being my first time.

The lesson to learn here, don't worry to much, some times it's fine to let your instinct guide you.

March 2, 2017

Don't let GAS ruin you!

These past couple of days I've been lusting for new camera gear. I look at Fuji and my heart starts pounding, I look at the new Lumix and my mouth starts watering.

But, I made a promise and I'm going to keep it, I'm going to pay all of my debts and stay debt free forever, no more charging cameras or accessories to the credit card, no more hallucinating with the newest biggest and most beautiful cameras.

GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is just around the corner, it doesn't matter if you think you have it under control, it gets you when you less expect it. The only solution is to turn it down every time it tries to fire back, to be strong and forget about new toys.

Funny thing happens to me, when I look at the Nikons and Canons, I don't feel the same way anymore. I said to my self that my next camera is going to be a M43, maybe a G85 with a couple of lenses, but that's it, and I'll buy it when I save enough money to purchase it, not a second before.

In the meantime I still have my trusty T5i, I've also made the promise to squeeze everything out of this basic but really nice camera. It only has around 3 thousand pictures on it self, so it's basically new.

Another idea I had was to just get a 24mm prime, and an 85mm and those two with my 50mm will make a complete set for me, and to forget about everything else.

Just be strong, plan things the right way and everything should be fine.

February 22, 2017

Last session of 2016

One thing I want to do with this blog is to talk about my experiences as a photographer, to talk about my sessions and projects even if those where in the past.

On this occasion this wasn't that long ago, just a couple of months, on December of 2016. I offered a coworker at my new job to take some pictures of their children, so he obviously said yes and so we went on with the session. 

The lighting setup couldn't be easier, a small softbox on camera right at about 45° pointing down to the subject and at about 3 ft from the model. A white reflector on the other side close to the subject to reflect some of the light and soften the shadows a bit. And finally, a speedlight on the back with a grid and a color gel in order to give the background some life.

For the technical minds, I shot everything at f/8 with a shutter speed of 1/160 and an ISO of 100. And that was it, nothing fancy, just a couple of lights and a reflector to get some decent shots.

February 21, 2017

Starting over and over and over again!

I just got tired of dropping this blog over and over, I want to write about photography but sadly I haven't photograph anything. I'm decided to make it change, to finally come forward and do things the right way.

I'm tired of my depression always stopping me, always in the way of my creativity, my plans and my emotions. I even restarted this blog in Spanish, but I just realize that very few people is going to read it and even fewer are going to care about it.

I know there are hundreds of blogs about photography, I just want my words to get out, my photographs to be shown, even if only a few are going to be seen. I want to talk about my projects, about my passion for photography, about my life.

So lets hope somebody cares enough to read me, and that somebody may get something positive from all this.