21 September 2017

It's been a year!

It has been a little bit over a year since the last time I posted something in English in this blog, and to be sincere, I think I'm gonna be posting in English from now on, the idea of people reading me that has nothing to do with where I'm from is very appealing to me, and I kind of want to practice my English a bit more.

Many things have happened over this past year, I sold my Canon Gear in exchange for some money and a Pentax K-50, a pretty nice camera to tell you the truth. The reason behind it, I wanted to finish my debt with one credit card, that's it, as simple as that.

Also I quit on being a professional photographer, lets be honest, I wasn't, I just wanted to be one. I had no clients, except for a couple of exceptions and had no models to use for my portfolio. My social skills were and still are absent, so there is no way I can get someone for a photo shoot. 

I'm trying to enforce my self into product photography and still life, but in reality there's not been to much advance in that matter. I'm gonna try, I promise, but there is someone interested in buying my Pentax K-50, for the right price, so I don't know if I better take that opportunity to reduce another one of my debts. I may do so.

So, stay put, hopefully I'll have something to say more often than not, not only about photography but also about life itself.

20 August 2016

It's really difficult to be a pro photographer

I know it's been a long time since my last post on this blog. The truth is, I've been struggling with being a "pro", and to be completely honest,  I don't feel like a pro.

I have no money to buy more equipment, my equipment is really basic, composed only by kit lenses and a 50mm. I know I can make good images with those, but my issues with depression and anxiety are not making things easier. I'm on treatment and I've been feeling better, but I still have a hard time to socialize with people, and therefore, making my search for models more difficult.

I've only had a few jobs, a few in studio sessions and a couple of events (I have one coming), and what's really killing me is not the lack of jobs, it is the lack of practice, and I discovered that's my real problem yesterday, when my niece came and I took a couple of quick shots of her. Reminded me how much I enjoy being behind the camera.

I really don't know if this is going to work, it's a very difficult market, but I know I have to try harder in everything, my search for models, my practice, my portfolio, my search for jobs. I really want to make photography my life and my living, let's hope my issues stop getting between me and that.

6 July 2016

Feels good to be working!

As the title says, it feels really good to be working. Last week I got a call from a Kinder Garden that wanted me to take some group and individual shots of the children for the end of the school year.

Yesterday I got there and it was a blast, other than overlooking some of my camera's settings, everything else was just fine. Remember, always check your settings so you don't end up with a bad result. I realized by mid shoot that I was shooting in jpeg instead of raw, the good thing is that my exposures where spot on, so there were no worries.

For obvious reasons I won't post any of the images, we are talking about children, so no pictures this time, but I really wanted to write about the experience.

Now I'm editing and doing some work on a few designs for some of the pictures. Hopefully they will like all of them and I would be a happy and paid photographer.

2 July 2016

Make your ideas come to life

It doesn't matter if it is a good or a bad idea, or if it is a concept that's already been seen, what matters is to make those ideas come to life, to plan them, grab your camera and do it.

I had an idea, it involved my sister and her family, I visualized my niece hanging from a clothes line while my brother in law was sit sleeping, and then just my sister staring at the scene with a special look.

Took a portrait of the three with gray background and one light, used a bit of gimp to remove the background, search over the Internet for a suitable image and there you go, one idea came to life.

17 June 2016

Adding texture to a gray background

This is a trick I learned on youtube, it was using photoshop but I did it using gimp. The only thing needed is a background with some texture on it and your picture with gray background.

First you add the textured background as a layer over the picture and select the overlay blending mode. Then you just add a layer mask and paint with a black brush over the subject in order to erase the texture. And that's it.

Feels great when everything works out

This was one of those days when you feel inspired. I wanted to make an environmental portrait of my dad, who happens to be a doctor. I was trying everything in that session and suddenly I decided to try a vertical shot, and voila, that was the answer.

I hate self portraits

Sometimes, the only way you can practice your lighting, is to serve your self as a model. But I hate it, everything becomes so slow to control and to setup. And, if you add to the equation that I'm a really lousy model, there's nothing else left to say.